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The four R's of hollywood

2013-07-22 19:52:57 by Mfan

Remake , Remaster , Reboot, Ratings

ok, so , before i get into my tirade, how many remakes or reboots have there been recently ?

too many to count , but (keeping in mind i have no stats to work with) i would say that a good 95% of all movies made since the early 2000's had been rehashed from earlier movies made

now for my tirade

Hollywood typically prefers to use the reboot as a cookie cutter standard , not only do they not have to create an original idea , the "creative" team also gets an already made story line and works around it , and they can market it to the general masses as "well at least it requires some creativity to make ..right ?" it doesn't , not in the least bit

and any movie they deem they cannot reboot or remake, they will remaster , the ever famous remaster.. now presenting you the wizard of oz and the ruby slippers are just ever so slightly redder, in fact any "improvment " they make to the movie is not even noticeable to the typical human eye

oh but don't worry , because that movie they thought they wouldn't remake or reboot but remastered instead, wll get it's day of butchery , you see unlike normal people, Hollywood is not concerned with "how are we gonna replace these golden iconic actors with the person i just slept with last night and promised a role to " ? , in fact, to them, any actor will do in any role just as long as their name can sell tickets , no instead they are concerned with "will it have a market" , you see today we wouldn't be getting a remake or reboot of Benhur (or other biblical movies ) , not because they couldn't find the right actors, but because it would not be politically correct to release to the public

but keeping on the subject of the four R's , Hollywood (as an industry ) makes more profit and money from remaking, rebooting and remastering than they would actually paying the guys to sit in the meeting and brain storming about what they could make that was original, neat and was NEVER thought of ever before

and all these remakes and reboots and remasters will be remade, rebooted remastered yet again in the future

and how the public can just sheepishly grave off of these travesties with 0 acting and 0 originality ( but just so happens to have a budget that rivals most well developed nations GDP's ) that was just remade and/or rebooted 5 years ago (with the "original movie that the remake remade and the current reboot will reboot and have sequels and than rebooted / remade" being remastered just ten years before THAT )

take for instance the new superman , i'm not here to debate how "super uber kewl and sexy greatness awesomely huge and spectacular " it was or wasn't , but i'm here to ask, how many times do we need a superman movie ?, and from now to 40 years from now, how many will be remade, rebooted , remastered ?

and superman vs batman ?...i mean seriously people...batman had his back broken by bane, who was just a normal human being who happened to be quite strong and agile (as depicted in rises ) , so in what damn universe is batman going to take on superman and possibly win ?, and if you say batman has kryptoninte , i'll come back with that, in theory, superman can whip batman into the sun, and game over

i know its fiction, and i know i'm supposed to take it with a grain of salt, but i mean really...

and than how many remakes, reboots and remasters will there be of that one ?

in closing, originality is a dying breed in Hollywood , and is probably discouraged , as that one unique idea will have to be funded , and it will be a risk , and too much of a risk at that, where as a rehashed rebooted remake will net the fan base ( and others , but mostly fans ), and almost certainly guarantee that what ever they spent on it in terms of funding, it will make back in profits

and it seems that the video game industry is following in the footsteps of Hollywood

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